VOTE 2020

The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association is the only statewide legal cannabis trade association in Alaska with membership that spans cultivators, manufacturers, retailers and ancillary businesses. The AMIA advocates for reasonable regulation at local, state and federal government levels. 

Our 2020 election survey was created by first informally polling industry leaders and AMIA members to find out what questions they would ask. Previous AMIA position statements were also reviewed. The questions were plugged into Google Forms and points were assigned to specific answers based on our organization’s mission and priorities. 

We chose not to publish individual responses to give candidates space to be honest on issues surrounding legal cannabis in Alaska. All answers are held in confidence. Grades do not equal endorsements.

The AMIA chose automatic grading of multiple-choice questions to provide a more objective evaluation. We gave an F grade for non-participation because we support transparency on cannabis issues. We made three attempts to contact candidates via email to receive the most responses possible. The survey was intended to reward honesty and participation, and was not intended to be punitive. The only way to receive an F was to not respond.

Click here to see the state candidate survey and here to see the federal candidate survey.

We recognize that there may be candidates, including industry allies, who may not have been able to complete the survey before our deadline. We encourage those candidates to reach out to us for a late submission; email Lacy Wilcox at president{at}alaskamia{dot}org.

The answers we collected serve to build voter and consumer confidence and helps our work of advocating for fair regulations and laws. 

Above all, our purpose is to help inform Alaska voters and cannabis consumers.

Click here to see state candidate report cards and here to see federal candidate report cards.

Don’t forget to vote!